The Welcome

Welcome, and thank you for stopping by. We are truly honored that you have. Because we know that nothing happens without first passing through a nail-scarred hand, we don't think it's an accident that you are here. Either you ran into one of our members out in the field somewhere, and were directed here to check things out, or you were just browsing the web and 'bumped' into us. In either case, we believe that you are here because of the subtle and determined direction of our wonderful Heavenly Father.

Speaking of Whom, He has made it perfectly clear the reason this website exists, is not only to help familiarize folks with this ministry and what it's about, but more importantly, this site is here, to help people solidify a special call they may have been feeling from God, and to help them take the first steps in fulfilling that call.

The Purpose

Iron Grace (I.G.) is a rather unique Christ-centered, interdenominational adjunct of Iron Horse Ministries (I.H.M.), and as such, is solely under the umbrella and authority of the same.

God's unique purpose for this aspect of I.H.M., is to prayerfully help prepare and send out those members that have been called of God, to live and serve as true fulltime missionaries to bikers. This is done through this aspect of the ministry (I.G.), which has an extremely comprehensive training program, that teaches, trains and equips the 'called' for service (Ephesians 4:12).

What makes all of this so unique is that, to the best of our knowledge, there really isn't anywhere else dedicated exclusively to teaching the subtle nuances of how to properly minister, to this often feared and misunderstood group of people.

The Mission

Iron Grace is a ministry comprised solely of qualified missionaries (more on that later), which use their motorcycles to go out wherever God sends them. The mission of Iron Grace is for its graduates to humbly show (by living example), the indestructible and freely given power of God's grace; by developing relationships; and by lovingly ministering to the so-called 'unreachable' people of this world - no matter who or where they are.

In other words, this ministry is not for everyone. It is only for those who are absolutely and totally committed to the call of Christ on their lives, to voluntarily live and serve Him as a true missionary to bikers - no matter what it takes - no matter what it may cost.

So with all of that having been said, if you feel that God may be calling you into His service to live and serve Him as a true missionary to bikers, then by all means, please keep prayerfully reading through this web site, and see how He touches and leads your heart.

To God Be The Glory For What He Will Do, Amen